About us

About us

Our history

At ThermoView we have been providing services to a wide range of clients throughout Australasia and Asia for 30 years. Servicing the power, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, property and rural industries, ThermoView conducts independent thermographic surveys for the early fault detection of mechanical and electrical equipment as an integral part of predictive and reliability maintenance.

Our Head Office is based in Adelaide, we offer national coverage leading the way with innovative application of infrared technology in areas such as refrigeration, insulation, refractory, moisture, building and energy audits.


Our mission

To deliver a single point of contact for all your thermal consultancy needs and to be recognised as a member of the elite few that are truly proficient in thermal analysis. Our dedication to the industry brings you passion and quality in everything we deliver and pride ourselves on the customer service we bring to you.

We lead the way with the ability to offer innovative applications of infrared technology in areas outside the norm ‘no job is too big or too small it is an experience and an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to show the client the real benefit of Infrared Technology’



Australian Institute of Non Destructive Testing Australian Professional Thermographers Association


Our Team

As an independent entity, our specialist thermographers offer a wealth of combined experience in the infrared and thermal imaging field, and are here to provide you with expert and impartial advice. We offer national coverage for specialist contracts where our expertise is recognised and sought after for consultancy projects. Our services are individually tailored to meet specifically the requirements of each of our clients.

Our team are ‘Certified Thermographers’ with a minimum Level 1 ranging to Level 3 and qualified through the (AINDT) Australia Institute of Non Destructive Testing in Thermography. The team offers a variety of trade from Electricians to Mechanics. Our team has a demonstrated passion to offering confidence to our customers that partnering with us that you are putting the job in the hands of professionals that truly care about your business


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