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ultrasonic-inspection1ThermoView offers the option to conduct Ultrasonic testing alongside thermal imaging for electrical and mechanical inspections. Using our specialist ultrasonic instruments tracking, arcing, partial discharge and corona can be detected and the potential for arc flash incidents can be considerably reduced.

Ultrasonic instruments can be used to detect issues deep down in machinery or electrical equipment and removes the need to have direct access that is required for thermal imaging inspection.

While infrared thermography will detect heat generated by arcing, it will not sense corona. If cabinets are closed, unless there is an IR test port, it is highly unlikely that infrared will detect the presence of these emissions. Ultrasound inspection is an effective screening tool for detecting these issues on top of detecting the potential for arc flash incidents.

When hand held ultrasonic instruments are used to scan enclosed electrical apparatus, the procedure is fast, accurate and simple and safe.

Using ultrasonics to detect these issues have many benefits including:

  • Only one surface needs to be accessible
  • Various sensitivity levels for detecting issues with low, medium and high voltage equipment
  • Accurate – can determine different types of problems easily.
  • Non-invasive and non-destructive – systems do not need to be shut down.
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