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ThermoView-18For many years ThermoView has utilised a software product that has allowed our business to grow. However, our business has grown at a quicker rate than the development of our software partner. A big decision was taken to develop our own software that will allow us to expand into an ever increasing market that demands first class data and exceptional customer service. MyAssetView has been designed both for use within our business to allow our clients to have the information in a format that suits them and adaptable to meet any new requirements they may have. Outside of our own requirements we are aware that the ability to manage data within the field of asset management and in particular infrared images has been limited for choice with the camera manufactures. MyAssetView is a software that is available to the market both to other Infrared Consultancy Services, clients with their own cameras, and also clients that have the need to hold the asset data in a format that is both useful and accessible. MyAssetView is cloud based and is mobile and tablet responsive whilst still being an ideal desktop software for use in any commercial environment. This product is unique and has the ability to post process images both on site and in the workplace, it gives a history of the asset and a clear image of every scan that has occurred. It is not exclusive to Infrared Imaging and with the product being locally developed in Australia we have the ability to adapt to customer special requests to amend to suit individual needs. Whilst being cloud based it is completely safe and is hosted via Amazon giving an extra layer of comfort to organisations surrounding cyber security.


  • Asset identification through barcode scanning
  • Client specific ID for cross reference and integration of data into generic systems
  • Tracks and trends problem conditions over time and provide status and trends
  • Baseline trending
  • Equipment test history
  • Cloud based access to Reports
  • Track repairs
  • Inventory list and test status
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