Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging

Benefits of Thermal Imaging

There are many benefits of using thermal imaging for a wide range of building, electrical and mechanical applications. The key benefits include:

  • It reduces down time: There is no need to shutdown operational systems during a thermal audit allowing production to continue as normal.
  • It saves money: Delivers tangible, long-term cost savings by early detection of faulty systems or components. Remedial work can be planned and conducted before more serious damage or breakdowns occur which may cause long and unexpected interruptions or unnecessary repairs to vital operational systems.
  • It is fast and accurate: Thermal surveys enable high volume data capture within short time periods. Scan and measure the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of machinery and electrical equipment under normal load conditions quickly and accurately with no need for lengthy preparation or pre-inspection work. Precisely locates anomalies through the qualitative analysis of collected data.
  • It is a totally non-invasive process: Thermal Imaging is non-destructive and involves no physical contact and consequently there is no potential for damage to the systems or equipment undergoing thermal surveys.
  • It reduces the potential for serious health and safety issues to occur: Early detection of problems will reduce the potential for injury to staff and risk of fire.
  • It has revolutionised predictive maintenance inspection programs: By detecting problems and scheduling repairs before a major failure occurs, productivity, profitability and workplace safety are all increased.
  • It meets Risk Compliance: Supports the processes involved in regulatory compliance with Health and Safety Legislation. Meets Insurance specified risk assessment and prevention criteria.


What is Thermal Imaging?

FLIR7315Thermography is the capture and analysis of thermal data to accurately assess patterns of an objects thermal radiation through absorption, reflection, transmission and emission.

Thermography operates by accurately measuring the infrared or heat energy of any target objects surface, producing a detailed visual image showing its temperature profile in contrast with its immediate surrounding area.

The process does not measure temperature directly but enables remote analysis of relative temperature and heat variations, accurately sourcing and calculating anomalies through the applied knowledge of thermographic principles.

Excessive heat output is a key signature that a mechanical or electrical system or component may be close to the point of failure or has the potential to cause a serious health and safety issue such as injury to staff or fire risk.

Thermography or infrared thermal imaging is the most cost-effective method in determining faults in all electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment and structural issues and problems with buildings.

A thermographic survey of an electrical switchboard, for example, will reveal in seconds the location of any component with abnormal temperatures which may result in a fire, equipment failure or compromise staff health and safety.

Thermal Imaging technology has also revolutionised the approach to predictive maintenance. By pro-active early identification of potentially serious faults before they have a chance to fail, infrared thermography prevents sudden and costly disruption to critical operational and production systems by allowing repairs to be scheduled at a time which is convenient to everyone.


Why work with us?

ThermoView-66Here are just some of the reasons why working with ThermoView benefit our clients;

  • A professional, experienced and approachable team which has delivered consultancy services and surveys for 30 years.
  • Certified thermographers, nationally based to offer Australia wide coverage.
  • Operating highly sophisticated equipment and software enabling real time image capture and accurate, in-depth image analysis.
  • With the experience, capacity and resources to provide the highest standard of service, we have the track record of continued service to a significant number of large and national organisations.
  • Our culture and wiliness to succeed drives the company forward with ambition and devotion to allow others to enjoy and to see beyond the naked eye.
  • AINDT accredited and adheres to industry best practices and International Standards.
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